Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Times News NC Bugs Bunny Story behind the scenes original content

As you know, one of my most frequent topics is Bugs Bunny's 1980s comic strip and its relationship with the North Carolina Newspaper The Daily Times-News. I have expressed the whole story and have gone deep into research including calling the paper themselves (they thought I was a nut so they hung up). I found this article from 1976, 3 years before the strip was added to the paper. This article is a masterpiece because it expresses about two artists despite their being one. Enjoy and I will be posting more strips and historic info about this relationship soon.

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  1. This article reveals that it was writer Al Stoffel's idea to fashion the comic strip Sylvester's personality into a W.C. Fields-like beggar and bum. I've always liked that little touch, it made the Bugs strip of the 1960s and 70s a unique place in the Looney Tunes Looniverse. Thanks for posting this article, Kamden.