Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Popeye in Warner Bros Cartoons!

Here is a few scenes of Popeye in other cartoons:

The first is a Porky Pig Cartoon. That's right, Porky Pig. In the 1937 film Porky's Garden, one of the chicks eats spinach and then turns into Popeye. It's very funny to see this. Popeye was the most popular cartoon star of the 1930s. Tex Avery is using Popeye as a gag for a Porky Pig cartoon. This proves Popeye's popularity in the 1930s and how aware the studios were of the Fleischers.

That wasn't the only time either, the ending and climax of the Major Lied till Dawn is also a Popeye parody

Monday, December 24, 2018

Popeye 1940s Volume 1

While KFS might be doing a horrible job, Jerry and George did a wonderful job with Popeye. Jerry Beck and George Feltenstein announced this set a couple weeks ago. It's got beautiful colors and it's the perfect gift. This is a test just like Porky Pig 101 (which was also a wonderful set). This set is marvelous and if you haven't bought, buy it now. This is the last chance we get to show Warner Archives that it's worth putting cartoons out for us. We all love Popeye! Buy It! I loved it and so will you!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Popeye Turns 90

My First post, I'll talk about Popeye's 90th Birthday.

We all know the story of Popeye. That won't be discussed here. If you don't, you're on the wrong site.
       Cartoon characters often have turned a certain age and it's been a big deal. In 1990, Bugs Bunny turned 50. Bugs was praised by all. A more recent example is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse turned 90 in November. ABC had a giant celebration with celebrities to celebrate the event.
         Why do I care you ask? Well, Mickey turns 90 and he gets an ABC Special. Popeye turns 90 and he gets this:What the hell is that! He's got a whistle in his mouth and if I keep listing things, I'll hurl on my laptop.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sorry for the Wait

It's been a month since I posted on this blog. I've been preparing for other things such as my book (which Bill Farmer and George Daugherty and members of June's family are now involved in). I'm also going to be continuing my animated comics. Each month I'll post XEROX Comics as well as The Simpsons strips. Once they end, I'll find something new. NEXT MONTH IS A SALUTE TO POPEYE. Popeye is turning 90 and I'll have a whole month devoted to the sailor for January's blog posts.