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June Foray Stories Part 2

The second part of my June Foray stories. I've got many readers and I have been given stories by other well known people which I will include. I'd love to here more stories from you readers so remember to email and also they don't have to be about you meeting her. It also can be a story that you read about June from an interview but it still must be something most of the readers may not know.

Jerry Beck:

How did you meet June Foray?

I first saw June Foray in person when I moved to LA in 1986. She and Bill Scott in person, live, right in front of me doing Rocky and Bullwinkle in a mall (The famous Sherman Oaks Galleria) trying to attract people to a set up there, for Asifa, selling cels for the benefit of the animation organization they co-founded back in the late 1960s. Today I am the president of that organization, Asifa-Hollywood. 

 Do you have any memories with her? 

June and I became friends slowly over the last 30 years. "Slowly" - partially because I'm shy around big celebrities - which she certainly was. June would be at every Hollywood event, every animation event, every Academy of Motion Pictures event. She would always be the first to arrive. Whenever I arrived she would call be over to her table, or where she was standing. She always made me - and everyone - feel so special. 

Do you have or know of any stories that involve her that my readers may not know?

One thing readers should know is how passionate she was about animation. She was the medium's champion when it was belittled or ignored or threatened. She fought to maintain the Best Animated Short award as part of the Oscar telecast (most people do not know how long it became perilously close to being wiped out). She established the Annie Award (through Asifa Hollywood) in which the animators honor their own. She, a voice actress, knew more about animation's history -  past, present and future - than most animators and artists I knew. We bonded on that - and I will think of her every day as I pursue my work with Asifa, and in preserving animation history. 

Joel Shapiro--
I do have several stories that your readers will enjoy. The very first time I met Ms. June Foray was about 17 years ago. Ms. Foray was one of our guests for that year's JFG. The event was held at the Mission Capistrano. She was and will always be an AMAZING person! We were at this singing waiters restaurant nearby one evening. And, June go up onto the bar and was moving all around performing like crazy. Ms. Foray performed pretty much all of her famous voices, such as Witch Hazel, Granny, Natasha Rocky the Flying Squirrel, etc. You name it, she did it! And, she was 82 years old at the time going on 42!! That's old-school as you're going to get. Another other time I met Ms. Fray was when a few of us and our friends were going to the Hollywood Bowl to see Bugs at the Symphony. June Foray was gracious and fun as always. She sat with us in the park area just outside the Hollywood Bowl. We took pictures with her outside and later inside the dressing room with maestro George Daugherty and his partner David and their beautiful Golden Retriever.:) Linda Jones brought Ms. Foray onto the stage just before the evening's performance began. It was heaven.:) The other time I met June Foray was at our CJ102 celebration in Glendale, CA back in 2014. We held a very special 102nd anniversary celebrating the life and times of Chuck Jones. The event was held at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Glendale, I believe. Ms. Foray was in attendance,along with Marian Jones, Chuck Jones' widow, as well as the entire Jones family,  Robert McKimson, Jr., the family of Abe Levitow, Eric Goldberg, Bob Kurtz, Leonard Maltin, George Daugherty,  and even the grandson of Leon Schlesinger, to name just a few.Several of Chuck Jones' glorious shorts played on the screen. It was a night to remember!  Kamden,  even thought Ms. Foray is no longer physically with us, her charm, humor and legacy will live on. Kamden, thank you for allowing me to share my stories with your readers. Be well.

Glen Banks:

So one day I was driving June home from her TV appearance at our studios in Long Beach, CA.  It was pouring rain.  I was pretty upset about the possible headlines: "Schnook Indicted in Death Of Legend June Foray; Stupid Accident In The Rain!"  So I was being extra careful behind the wheel.  Suddenly, June yells out (in character as Natasha) "Quick, dollink!  Turn left at light!  Boris is AFTER us!"  I was in love.

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June Foray Stories Part 1

Thanks to all who participated and sent your stories. I am posting every story sent. I have also asked many well known figures that knew June. Kept sending stories to

My Story: As many of you know, I am very young. My story about June is very special. When I was 9, I had a large cabinet of books on animation. I had tried to read each one of them but they were all so complicated. I couldn’t get through 2 pages of Chuck Amuck or any book by Jerry Beck because they were so complicated to me. Then, my sister gave me June’s autobiography. It was the first book on animation that I had ever read because of how easy it was read. Later, I told June on the phone that her autobiography this story and she said “it figures”. I laughed.
Carol Erickson:

How did you meet June Foray?

I was around June many times from the mid-90's to the last time in about 2014. I first met her at an event at the Chuck Jones Gallery in Newport Beach. She was a delight and a treat to be around. Subsequently, I saw her at a Gallery event with Phil Roman in Fashion Island, by herself in Orange, at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2012 when she was recognized by the Chuck Jones family as part of the celebration of Chuck's 100th birth anniversary. The last time I saw her was at the Hollywood Bowl for Bugs Bunny at the Symphony. The photo of the two of us together is a treasure. Do you have any memories with her? My fondest memories of June is when I didn't know her as "June", but as the voice of Rocky, and Natasha, and Witch Hazel and Cindy Lou Who. At the Newport Beach film festival, I was charged with waiting for her car and driver and escorting her to the venue along with David N. She is such a time little thing, and starting to get a little frail at that time, but she was so warm and welcoming and so darn funny. Do you have or know of any stories that involve her that my readers may not know? Nothing in particular.

Robert Patrick:

My "story" about June Foray are pretty pedestrian -- I met her through work in the late 1990s at a Jones Family Gathering here in Orange County. She joined us for dinner at a restaurant on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach where the waitstaff sang opera. As you know, she was a tiny woman, so Craig had to lift her up onto the bar stool where she held court for the better part of the evening. 

Of course, she slipped in and out of her many characters--it was amazing to look at her and hear Witch Hazel or Rocket J. Squirrel or a Smurf talking. She was lively, funny, a bit bawdy, and so endearing. Everyone came away loving her. It was easy to see why Chuck Jones enjoyed working with her so much. 

Over the years since then, we met at work functions and my contact was limited to simple pleasantries. 

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Business Cards part 3

This is the last group of animation business cards. Remember to send June Foray stories to

Matt Groening

David Depatie
Ray Abrams

Animation Business Cards part 2

More business cards as I promised. Remember to send June Foray stories

Walt Disney

Ollie Johnston
Leon Schlesinger

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Share your June Foray Stories

As you know, June would be 100 today. In remembrance of June, I am going to post a series of posts that are stories about June. The stories are from you. If you knew June or know a story that other readers may not know, please email me at and I will post your story. You can send me things like--
1. How you met June
2. A story that June told you
3. An interesting memory that you have with June
4. A story that you may have read or heard of in any way that involves June (ex: from an interview or other resource) but it has to be a story that most hardcore fans do not know.

Business Card's of people in animation

Here are some business cards of many people in animation. Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera had a ton of versions of their cards. I only put a few of those. More coming soon. 
Bill Hanna And Joseph Barbera

Bob Clampett

Mel Blanc

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The Bugs Bunny Show Full Episodes (enjoy)

There is two original Bugs Bunny Show episodes as well as Dukes of Hazzard which were included with the episodes.