Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Afterlife of The Dover Boys Part 13--Other Anecdotes

Here are a few more Dover Boys anecdotes and fun facts.

  • It had one of the largest voice casts in the Warner Bros Cartoons including Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Marjorie Tarlton, John McLeish, Tedd Pierce, and The Sportsmen Quartet.
  • A piece of the cartoon was shown on Agent Carter as part of a subliminal messaging tool of The Black Widow Program.
  • It was #49 in Jerry Beck's Book: The 50 Greatest Cartoons

  • The volleyball team was, according to Chuck's autobiography, called The Indomitable Team from Pimento University.
  • I believe that this is really just Chuck's animation unit.
  • The team consisted of Phil Monroe, Ben Washam, Abe Levitow, Richard Thompson, and Ken Harris.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Afterlife of The Dover Boys Part 12--Space Jam

The Dover Boys made a cameo as an audience member in Space Jam.


Model Art for Dan Backslide and Tom, Dick, And Larry. Dan Backslide had a model sheet but didn't appear in Space Jam.

Friday, September 14, 2018

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Afterlife of the The Dover Boys part 8---Fans, Fanart, and Merchandise

Here are a few things that fans have done to either impress other fans or just to pay tribute. There is also the only collectible I could find. Also at the top is a group cosplaying as The Dover Boys and Dan Backslide.

A nice peace of art.

Because the short is in the public domain, it was bootlegged on this VHS tape.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Afterlife of the The Dover Boys part 7---All About the Animation (thanks to Mark Kausler)

I would have described the animation in this short but Mark Kausler tells it better. Here is some moments of the smear and important iconic peaces of The Dover Boys.

Mark Says:

"The Dover Boys is fundamentally a parody of 1890s melodrama. Nearly every cartoon studio, and even some live action, found this a rich source of material ripe for mockery. Chuck Jones took this kind of story to the next level by employing John MacLeish (sp?) to do the narration in his very dry fashion, and to use Horatio Alger type broad characters such as Tom, Dick and Larry, to be the heroes. Dan Backslide and Dora Standpipe fill out the cast as the villain and the heroine. Bobe Cannon experimented notably in this cartoon by using "stretch" inbetweens to fill in the gaps between extremes of an action, such as when Dan Backslide works on his jalopy with tire irons by stretching across a wide expanse of scenery to get his tools and quickly change a tire on his car. The fight sequence with Dora Standpipe walloping Backslide and tossing him out of the shot is handled with stretch inbetweens as well. A weakness in animation is that extremely fast motion of a character running, for instance can have a great deal of strobe, resulting in double images on the screen.Bobe Cannon and later, Manny Gould and Don Williams under Art Davis at Warners, developed stretch inbetweens or good drybrush blur effects into a new visual language. They looked great on a movie screen, and nearly eliminated the strobe layering that was a problem in older animation. The way the stretches looked on screen had a bold, graphic design which eventually led to UPA and more stylized characters and backgrounds. That's what makes The Dover Boys a curiosity, the extremely old-fashioned story, pared with the modern, super stylized look of the characters in action that Bobe Cannon drew. That makes The Dover Boys a real breakthrough in design and the approach toward animated motion on screen. "

Here are a few scences of smear art.

Photo of Bobo Cannon