Saturday, September 21, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Speedy Gonzales Strange Origin Story

OK, so I love watching Cartoon Network Promos.There's something interesting about Huckleberry Hound and Fred Flintstone getting no service at a store, Tom chasing Speedy Gonzales, and a cartoon sidekick nightclub. Here though is a very weird origin story of Speedy Gonzales. It aired in Cartoon Network Latin America. This aired after Speedy was taken off the Cartoon Network in the US. This only aired in the Latin America broadcast feed. The second video is a promo featuring the secret love affair of Race Bannon (Jonny Quest) and Betty Rubble.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Commercial Corner--Energizer Battery

Still Going, long lasting Energizer Batteries keep going and going...This month we'll be discussing Energizer Battery commercials featuring either Boris and Natasha or Wile E. Coyote.

To see the original storyboards for the Wile E. Coyote Commercials click here

Friday, August 16, 2019

Top 10 in My Opinion--Little Red Riding Hood Cartoons

Today, I’ll be sharing what I believe are the ten greatest cartoons based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.
But first…
Honorable Mentions:
1.      Little Red Rodent Hood (WB Freleng 1952)
2.      Little Red Walking Hood (WB Avery 1937)
3.      Hoodwinked Bear (Yogi Bear 1959)
4.      Little Red Riding Hoodlum (Lantz 1957)
5.      Red’s Riding Hoods (Fractured Fairy Tales)

10. Little Red Riding Hood (1922; Laugh O’Grams)
The is one of the first Walt Disney cartoons and is often considered his first attempt at animated storytelling. The film included a prototype of what would become Julius the Cat.

9. Dizzy Red Riding Hood (Fleischer 1931)
This pre-code Betty Boop cartoon takes the 8th spot on the list. In this cartoon, Betty Boop gets her on spin on Little Red Riding Hood. She also sings the song “Where Did You Get Those Eyes”

8. The Big Bad Wolf (Disney 1934)
This film is the sequel to the Three Little Pigs short. The Three Little Pigs still appear in the story. It is both a parody of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

7. Little Red Riding Huck (Huckleberry Hound 1959)
While a could have chosen other HB cartoons to take the list (such as Yogi Bear’s Hoodwinked Bear or many Loopy De Loop Cartoons), this one remains my favorite. I couldn’t find a video link, however.

6.  Riding Hoods Anonymous (Jay Ward Fractured Fairy Tales)
This is on my favorite Fractured Fairy Tales. Here’s one example where the wolf wins!

5. Little Red Riding Hoodwinked (WB Freleng 1955)
While I could have chosen Little Red Rodent Hood, I think that this Sylvester and Tweety cartoon is far superior. Granny is a little more like Ralph Kramden and less like the Granny we had seen in previous Warner Bros Cartoons.

4. Book Revue (WB Clampett 1946)
OK, this is not technically a parody of Little Red Riding Hood. However, Daffy saves Red Riding Hood in the end, and the wolf goes to hell (literally).

3. Little Red Rabbit Hood (WB Freleng 1944)
This is (in my opinion), the best Bugs Bunny cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. It was one of two cartoons directed by Friz Freleng included in the book 50 Greatest Cartoons. It was the only Bugs Bunny cartoon he directed included.

Note: I couldn't find a video that wasn't time compressed (nobody wants that!). So I just posted a clip.

1-2. Red Hot Riding Hood (MGM Avery 1943) and Little Rural Riding Hood (MGM Avery 1949)
I don’t know which is better. More people remember Red Hot Riding Hood, but many others also think Little Rural Riding Hood is far superior. Which one do you guys think is better? These were the clear winners though.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Screwing the Name Up: HB edition

A while ago I wrote about the spelling Walt Dinsey. Today, I'll be talking about Hanna and Barbera. We all know that William Hanna and Joseph Barbera defined animation history but some believe their names are Joseph Hanna and William Barbera. The difference between these examples and the ones in the Walt Dinsey article is that these examples are from official books or from sources specializing on the subject of animation.

I'm not a Scooby-Doo fan. I don't like Scooby or anything after Scooby that HB made. But all that aside, the first example I'm going to share in an inexcusable mistake. When the live action Scooby-Doo Movie was made, a storybook based on the movie was written. In the trivia section of the official book based on the movie question 4 is wrong!

Take a look:

The next example is from the book Animation and the American imagination, they make the same horrible mistake. Telling me not to buy the book!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Commercial Corner August--Mel Blanc (In Person)

Mel Blanc had been in several commercials as an actor. All of which he mentions that he is the voice of  the Looney Tunes characters. In the American Express card ad, Blanc states that his card is the only way his face can get recognized. The next commercial is just an ad suggesting people to get Leonard Maltin's book Of Mice and Magic. The final commercial is actually the final thing he did. During the production of this car commercial, Blanc died in the hospital. There is another ad I've never seen and am unable to find.

Missing in Action: Signet Bank ad with Elmer Fudd

Monday, July 22, 2019

Popeye Cans the Spinach (Commercial Corner)

Due to the Tom and Jerry hiatus, the monthly commercials are returning. This month we'll look at Popeye canning the spinach and advertising with other alternatives.

Campbell's Soup---
Popeye decides that soup is better than spinach. Also Popeye is voiced by Scott Innes in this commercial. I don't know who voices Olive Oyl.

Instant Quaker Oatmeal-- So now he's given up spinach for oatmeal. He is voiced by Jack Mercer in this commercial. Also, since when has Popeye had a parrot?

Start-- Popeye confesses here and chooses start over spinach. What happened to his voice!

Minute Maid--Popeye and Bluto are really creepy here. What the hell is this!