Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cartoon Commercials February

I have been unable to put the Xerox comics on display so each month I'll be presenting 5 cartoon commercials or print advertisements with our favorite animated stars! Here is the first edition:

Yellow pages ad with Rose Marie and Bugs Bunny:

Here is the classic Macy’s Thanksgiving day Underdog balloon battling against Stewie from Fanily Guy for a coke. Was there even a Stewie parade balloon? Find out who wins, you may be surprised!

Flintstones dolls with moveable heads—newspaper ad

A car made by Warner Bros! Well, Sort of. This car is a Chevrolet car with Warner Bros equipped entertainment systems.

This 1955 commercial is a Nash commercial that reminds of me of a UPA cartoon. To quote Amid Amidi's Cartoon Modern book about it: "There was a little kid that used to write to Walt telling him to stay away from modern art because it's Communistic. So when the commercial came on, he got a letter from this kid, a little malcontent sitting somewhere, and he wrote, "I'm disappointed Walt. I never thought you'd succumb. What happened to you?" and Walt went crazy. He stormed down there and outlawed using any of the Disney characters in the commercials...spelling the end of the unit."

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