Thursday, September 12, 2019

Speedy Gonzales Strange Origin Story

OK, so I love watching Cartoon Network Promos.There's something interesting about Huckleberry Hound and Fred Flintstone getting no service at a store, Tom chasing Speedy Gonzales, and a cartoon sidekick nightclub. Here though is a very weird origin story of Speedy Gonzales. It aired in Cartoon Network Latin America. This aired after Speedy was taken off the Cartoon Network in the US. This only aired in the Latin America broadcast feed. The second video is a promo featuring the secret love affair of Race Bannon (Jonny Quest) and Betty Rubble.


  1. So it aired in Latin America ... with an English vocal track and Spanish lettering?

    1. Yeah. It's weird. Everything about this concept is strange.

    2. In the Latin American feed the main audio is Spanish you click sap and you get the English audio ..the recorded this with sap on

    3. LAGUNA´S---Good to know. I'm quoting you above